The idea for Bountiful Potential came while I (Hans) was out for a long walk. I was thinking about our soon to be born daughter, our hopes for her, the world she’ll be living in, etc.

As parents, we want to bring out the best in our child, and for her to live a wonderful and fulfilling life. In fact, we want this for all children. Imagine a world in which every child grew up to achieve their potential. That, would be a great place.

That world does not yet exist. There’s a stream of negativity and selfishness in society. Some see children as an unwanted burden, or a nuisance (hey, they are noisy). Some parents have a habit of telling their kids that they’re useless. We actually heard one mother telling her child that she fails at everything. A rather self-fulfilling prophesy…

Our Why

We believe that every child has bountiful potential, and it’s our role as parents to nurture and guide our children, helping them to achieve their potential in all parts of their life (relationships, health, work, etc.).

Grandparents, extended family, friends, teachers, and the wider community are called to support parents in raising their children into the wonderful, talented, and caring adults that they’re meant to be.

Bountiful Potential was created to support parents who want to bring out the best in their children. We’re here to remind parents of their child’s potential (can be hard to see sometimes), and to encourage and support smart parenting. Plus, have fun on the way… parenting is challenging, so it helps to laugh at some of the craziness.

Bountiful Potential is still in an embryonic state itself, with its own yet to be realized potential. We’re looking forward to seeing it grow…

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