A child’s potential starts like the child himself/herself, in an embryonic state. Tiny, yet full of promise. So, the logo’s focal point is a multi-coloured embryo with 7 cells, each with one colour of the rainbow. These 7 cells represent the 7 virtues that we wish to instill in our children: humility, kindness (admiration), forgiveness (composure), diligence (zeal), charity (giving), temperance (self-control) & chastity (purity).

Streaming out from the embryo are three rays white rays on a warm orange glow. This has multiple meanings. Firstly, the three rays represent our hope that our child will live, love, and matter (make a difference in the world). For Christians they also represent God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), whom we ask for guidance and in whom we place our trust. Finally, it represents the hope in a bright future and the potential for growth.

Raising children and bringing out the best in them is a very personal and continual act of love. Thus, “Bountiful Potential” is written in elegant handwritten script, like a personal love letter from parent to child.

In short, it’s designed to embody bountiful potential, and the hope of transforming that potential into a bright future.