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  • The Trouble With Baby Sleep Training Methods Is…
    … they don’t work. Okay, they can work, but I wish that their promoters would be more open about their limits instead of pretending that their chosen technique is the “best one” for all babies. I’m writing this with a light headache and heavy tiredness after a particularly bad night’s rest. Our baby woke us […]
  • It Takes Three To Make a Father
    Last Sunday was Fathers Day. Not in my homeland of New Zealand, but in many other countries including Malaysia (where I am now), Canada, the UK, USA, and a whole bunch of others. It’s my first fathers day as a parent with a baby, although it’s the second overall, since our baby was alive and […]
  • Why Our Baby Play Area Has No Walls
    When we first started setting up our baby’s play area, my wife and I were going to do the traditional thing: put down a soft mat, and then set up a fence to create a nice, safe, play pen. That was the plan. We never did buy that play-pen fence, and here’s why… A Toddler’s […]
  • As a Baby’s Abilities Increase, So Does His/Her Ability to…
    Our baby has passed the 7 month mark since birth. She’s now able to pull her self up to standing with ease, and can remain standing while holding on to something with one hand. More and more cute noises and sounds are coming out of her mouth, and her eating ability is steadily improving. It’s […]

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