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  • Raising Amazing Children – A Short Guide – Part 1
    How do we raise amazing children? The short answer: it’s complicated. A more useful answer can be found in Matthew Kelly’s book: “Building Better Families.” In fact, there’s an entire chapter specifically on this. So, let’s dig in… NOTE: This is part of a series. Click here to go to part 1. Ask the Right … Read more
  • Lead Thy Children Not Into Temptation
    I’ve been saying (okay, yelling) the word “no” too much lately. Our toddler keeps pulling things off tables, loves grabbing my pens, opens drawers and empties them. And, she’s triumphant if she manages to grab my phone. Leave anything within reach for a few seconds, and it’ll likely end up in her hands… or mouth. … Read more
  • Enjoy Babyhood While You Can…
    … for it will be gone all too soon. It’s been nearly 12 months since her birth, and our baby is walking with increasing confidence. She explores the entire house and climbs sofas, beds, and even me. We’re also finding things in odd places. It’s clear that babyhood is ending, making way for toddlerhood. In … Read more
  • When Your Child Has Your Character…
    What a blessing and a challenge too!!!. Since the day we welcome her in our arms, we’ve received heaps of comment of who she resembles more – Papa. The t-shirt design (above) begins with our sweet #HIstory. My husband calls me his tigress which is not surprising as I can be quite fierce. So when … Read more

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