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  • Sweet Potato Poop (Baby-Led Weaning Part 2)
    It’s been over a month since we started baby-led weaning. Our little girl’s ability to feed herself has been improving, although there’s still a huge mess. We’ve discovered that finger food is easier for her than pureed food on a spoon. So, she’s been eating a lot of steamed food. It’s been fun to see […]
  • How to Prevent Parental Burnout
    A friend jokingly asked my wife “So, what’s it like being completely needed?” We laughed, because being completely needed makes you feel both very important, and very exhausted. Yes, a baby is totally dependent on its parents for everything, and especially dependent on Mum (us men have “useless nipples” 😉 ). Parents feel the responsibility […]
  • Don’t Use “Partner” When You Mean Husband, Wife, Or Spouse
    For decades there’s been a trend toward using the word partner to refer to ones significant other, and it’s a trend I’ve never liked. Yes, the word “partner” is more inclusive, and wanting to be more inclusive is admirable. And yes, you’ll never accidentally ask about someone’s wife or husband when they’re not actually married. […]
  • That’s Not a “Onesie,” It’s a “One Piece Bodysuit”
    Up until late last week we were been using the word onesie to describe our baby bodysuits, just like almost everyone else. Why? Because that’s what everyone else calls them. We had no idea that this might get us into legal trouble. The Onesie Trademark Last week we were warned by someone else, that “onesie” […]