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  • We All Want To Raise Amazing Children, But How?
    It’s the question all parents would love the answer to. How do I raise amazing children to become great adults? Many books have been written on the topic, and yet parents struggle to raise their kids. The many problems that plague our society are, in part, a reflection of this struggle. One reason is that […]
  • There’s an Invisible Milestone at Nine Months…
    The cutest little alarm clock gave us an early wake-up call. “Mama Mama” she said. And “Papa Papa.” Or, was it “hapa?” Not quite sure yet. Then she rolls from my wife to me, and touches my face. She had to crawl from her cot and over my wife to get to where she is […]
  • My Baby is an Omnivore
    I’ve discovered that my baby is an omnivore. Omnivore means: “someone or something that eats all kinds of foods indiscriminately.” My baby puts everything in her mouth. My baby also licks everything. So, yes, my baby is the very definition of omnivore. And, I bet yours is too. When I say everything, I mean everything. […]
  • The Unintended Victims of COVID-19 Lockdowns, and How To Not Be One
    COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are starting to ease globally. More and more of us can get finally back to some kind of new normal (although we still can’t go to church, here). These lockdowns were a massive attempt to slow down the virus, and save lives. However, they’ve also had unintended consequences. Before continuing, please put […]

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