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  • Our Response to “Doesn’t Look Like You; She Looks Just Like Her Dad”
    My wife took it well, but those words can sting a bit. She repeatedly heard that her little baby looks just like me. Our child got 50% of her DNA from my wife, and yet people think she looks just like me (her father). “Yeah, but she’s just like you in character,” I told her. […]
  • Why the Best Gift a Father Can Give His Child(ren) is to Love Their Mother
    “The best thing a man can do for his children is to love their mother.” This quote is sometimes attributed to Abraham Lincoln and other times to Theodore Hesburgh, or even someone else. Either way, there’s wisdom in that single sentence. Here’s why in brief: Mother and father loving each other provides a stable environment […]
  • When Does Baby Poop Solidify? The Answer in Brief
    A newborn’s poop is rather runny, and remains that way for months. I’m sure many new parents wonder, when will it solidify? I did. For me, the answer came months ago. To make the answer easier to find, here it is in brief: Your baby’s poop will start solidifying when the baby starts eating solids. […]
  • We See Garbage; Baby Sees Toys
    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my baby’s very latest toy. She chose it herself, and was very insistent that this was it! This, is what she wanted to play with. That’s right, it’s an egg carton. We carelessly left it where she could reach, and now it’s hers. She has other toys, including […]

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