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  • Enjoy Babyhood While You Can…
    … for it will be gone all too soon. It’s been nearly 12 months since her birth, and our baby is walking with increasing confidence. She explores the entire house and climbs sofas, beds, and even me. We’re also finding things in odd places. It’s clear that babyhood is ending, making way for toddlerhood. In […]
  • When Your Child Has Your Character…
    What a blessing and a challenge too!!!. Since the day we welcome her in our arms, we’ve received heaps of comment of who she resembles more – Papa. The t-shirt design (above) begins with our sweet #HIstory. My husband calls me his tigress which is not surprising as I can be quite fierce. So when […]
  • Our Response to “Doesn’t Look Like You; She Looks Just Like Her Dad”
    My wife took it well, but those words can sting a bit. She repeatedly heard that her little baby looks just like me. Our child got 50% of her DNA from my wife, and yet people think she looks just like me (her father). “Yeah, but she’s just like you in character,” I told her. […]
  • Why the Best Gift a Father Can Give His Child(ren) is to Love Their Mother
    “The best thing a man can do for his children is to love their mother.” This quote is sometimes attributed to Abraham Lincoln and other times to Theodore Hesburgh, or even someone else. Either way, there’s wisdom in that single sentence. Here’s why in brief: Mother and father loving each other provides a stable environment […]

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