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  • New Bib Designs, But You Can’t Have Them Yet…
    We created a number of new bib designs over the last week, but you cannot buy any of them yet. More on why you can't later. First, lets take a quick look at the bibs themselves… The new bibs are adaptations of the designs for our onesies and t-shirts. Our baby has been wearing bibs … Read more
  • What a Difference a Breastfeeding Mother Makes
    I know I'm risking turning this into a personal blog, but I think an observation I made the week that my wife was in hospital is worth sharing. That week I had to take over all tasks that my wife normally did (together with my mother in law), including feeding our baby. Our baby still … Read more
  • The Real Fun Starts at 3-4 Months After Birth
    Our own child has now passed the 4 month mark, and let me tell you, the last month of her development has been a joy to watch. And, it all happened so fast… The first thing we noticed, was that she was suddenly able to hold her head up for a long time while on … Read more
  • Myasthenia Gravis Makes for a Rough Start to Parenthood
    Looking after a newborn is challenging enough without adding a chronic illness to the mix. Well, that's exactly what happened to us. It happened right as we felt like we were getting back into some kind of rhythm… Three to four days after Chinese New Year my wife started to complain that chewing food was … Read more